Toronto’s Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

“You might think there is little left to discover on Earth in the 21st century, yet the deep sea remains almost entirely unknown. Oceans cover 70% of Earth’s surface, with an average depth of 4 kilometres” — New Scientist

Oceans cover much of the earth’s surface, most people are fascinated and somewhat intimidated by what lies beneath.  Part of the draw is that the oceans are inaccessible to most.  Even deep-sea divers can only go so far beneath the waves. The ocean is extremely dark, low in oxygen and air pressure is far greater than topside.

For the average person how better to learn about what lies in the depths than by visiting centers like Ripley’s Aquarian of Canada. The Aquarium introduces visitors to sea life in every shape and form.  It opened it’s doors October 16th, 2013 and features over 16,000 marine animals.  Judging by the crowds of families, tourists and school children I noticed on a recent visit, this place is highly popular.

The Aquarium contains over 5.7 million liters’ of water, 50 live exhibits and over 100 interactive displays. The beautiful rainbow reef features 6o varieties of species including: tangs, surgeonfish, angels, butterfly fish, damsels, chromis and clownfish.

It’s a surreal experience as you walk through the shark reef in a tunnel with fish swimming overhead. Visitors draw an audible gasp as they pass by. Up close the jellyfish in tanks, captivate as they float gracefully up and down.

Here’s an inside look at the Aquarium:

Visitors to the aquarium hopefully will walk away with a respectful understanding on how important marine life and the oceans are to our planet.

“Time Ticket” prices start from $29.98 for Adults, $19.98 for Youths and Seniors, and $9.98 for Children (Ages 3-5).
For more information visit www.ripleysaquariumofcanada.com