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Guest Blog Post by Diana Aziz

Whisky has always been intimidating to me. It seems so grown up and serious. Collingwood Whisky has changed all of that!! They make whisky fun, exciting, innovative with so many ways to enjoy it.

French Canadian Cocktail Credit Collingwood Whisky

The Burroughs was a fantastic venue to showcase the diversity of this product. The edgy and very cool space was a perfect backdrop for the pop up event to present the edgy and very cool ways to enjoy Collingwood Whisky. Delicious cocktails were served; choice of the French Canadian or the Simcoe Sipper  (recipes found at, whisky infused popsicles made by Kari Marshall of the Pop Stand, maple/whisky dipped donuts and, believe it or not, whisky infused fragrance!! Collingwood Whisky has a toasted, maplewood finish which makes it a perfect base for cocktails and mouth watering edibles such as the whisky sautéed shrimp that had people jockeying for spots at the food table.

Collingwood Whisky pop up

Collingwood Whisky is an 80 proof artisanal whisky distilled locally in Collingwood. Purely Canadian, this whisky is distilled with glacial water from Georgian Bay and with grains from Canadian farms.

The distinct flavour of this whisky is creamy with slight maple and marzipan notes. It’s aroma is sweet with top notes of caramel and vanilla layering over floral and fruits. The sweet and warm finish is long and lingering, making this a wonderful sipping whisky.

Although Collingwood is one of Canada’s oldest, singly owned distilleries, the packaging and spirit of this whisky is new and exciting. Their Journey Forth Campaign speaks of pursuing passion, adventure and exploration, making Collingwood Whisky desirable for the young and old as well as the novice and seasoned whisky drinker. Ultimate Spirits Challenge rated Collingwood Whisky 90 points in 2016. Look for it today at BCLDB, LCBO and SAQ nearest to you.

For more information please check them out on:
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