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Eataly is happening – and it’s happening in Toronto, Yorkville to be accurate. It’s everything deliciously Italian, located on 3 floors of the Manulife Centre (Bay and Bloor Sts.)

Eataly’s idea is simple – provide the highest quality Italian food and drinks, through their many restaurants, bars and eateries as well as their Market – all under one roof. This is the concept of Oscar Farinetti, who, after 5 years of planning opened in Torino Italy in 2007. Since then he has been spreading the word, and tastes, of Italy’s food and culture around the world. Toronto marks the 40th location and it appears the momentum will continue.

Multicultural Toronto was a natural fit for this remarkable organization as it’s home to more than 250 ethnicities and has the 4th largest Italian population (outside of Italy) in the world. It’s the city’s ethnic diversity that led Oscar Farinetti to choose Toronto as Eataly’s newest location. That’s also the reason he commissioned Oliviero Toscani (internationally renowned Italian photographer) to create a mural. Toscani has worked as a fashion photographer for ELLE, Vogue, GQ, Harper’s and more but best known for his Colors of Benetton work.

photo credit: Eataly Toronto

Multicultural Toronto was a natural fit for this remarkable organization as it’s home to more than 250 ethnicities and has the 4th largest Italian population (outside of Italy) in the world. 

Visiting Eataly, Toronto, was an education and a phenomenal experience for my eyes, and taste buds. But this wasn’t my first exposure to Eataly. A few years ago, while in Bologna, I visited ‘Eataly World FICO’ the world’s largest agri-food park spread over 25 hectares. This is a partnership between the founder of Eataly World, Oscar Farinetti, and the Agri-Food Center of Bologna. You get to purchase and taste incredible products and dishes using ingredients sourced from their own gardens and farm.

There are more than 45 trattorias, restaurants, kiosks, bars and bistros. You can visit the live animals (native sheep, cows, hens, pigs and horses), watch the pressing of olives into oil or the making of mortadella.

Eataly Fico Bologna

Inside the store you will find three stories with four restaurants, seven Eateries, three bars, 5 production laboratories, 10,000 products, a mini brewery, and a hands-on cooking school.

Read on to see what Eataly, Toronto, has in store for you:

The Market

In the market you’ll find everything Italian from local and Italian suppliers. Fresh seafood is supplied by Toronto’s own Diana’s Seafood.

The Salumi E Formaggi counter contains hundreds of cheeses, on rotation. Imports from Italy and fresh cheeses from local suppliers are on offer. There’s a wall of Parmigiano-Reggiano wheels on display and ceilings lined with salumi meats.

photo credit: Eataly Toronto

La Macelleria: Butcher offers the finest meats from local suppliers like VG Meats from Simcoe, Ontario, and PEI Beef from farmers across Prince Edward Island.

The bakery offers fresh baked breads made with traditional imported flours, the same products served in all their restaurants and food counters, all made in a custom-built wood-fired oven.

You’ll find nearly 100 varieties of extra virgin olive oil as well as sauces and condiments made from the highest quality ingredients all of which pair well with Eataly’s pastas, rice and grains.

And they have a bookshop. Amaze your friends with authentic Italian dishes sourced from one of the many cookbooks – these books would make terrific Holiday Gifts.

Restaurants and Eateries

“We cook what we sell, and we sell what we cook.” Eataly Toronto

LA PIZZA & LA PASTA with 157 seats, specializes in the best pizza, using the centuries-old Neapolitan technique; and an array of their signature pastas imported from Gragnano, the birthplace of dry pasta making. All prepared in an open kitchen where you can watch the progress of your meal.

LA PIAZZA with 120 seats, offers traditional bites inspired by various regions of Italy that can be enjoyed in this standing restaurant, along with a cocktail, glass of wine or beer.

LA PESCHERIA with 47 seats features fresh responsibly sourced seafood from Diana’s.

Eataly Toronto La Pescheria

Trattoria To-Go offers local specialties and roasted meats – hot and cold contorni, salads and panini. 

Pronto is where you get Italian food on the go, snacking trays, salads, Panini and desserts. 

Pizza Alla Pala has thick-crust pizza made on traditional Italian flatbreads with a variety of toppings for pickup.

Eataly Toronto Pizza alla Pala
Pizza alla Pala, a favourite street food from Roma.

Il Cioccolato Venchi the place for pick up artisanal chocolates made with the finest natural ingredients.  

La Pasticceria has the best Italian pastries, cakes and gelati.  Let’s not forget the mouth watering tiramisu.

Eataly Toronto Cannoli bar

Il Cannoli Siciliani has authentic Sicilian cannoli and they’re filled to order with either ricotta, chocolate or candied fruit.  

Il Gelato Artigianale is a gelato counter serving fresh creamy gelato and dairy-free sorbetto. Each batch is made daily using local pasteurized whole milk from Sheldon Creek Dairy

Il Gran Caffe Illy is a full-service Italian coffee bar, which also serves breakfast, lunch and late-night bites. 

Caffe Vergnano, named after a small grocery shop in Torino, Piemonte, is a standing bar offering traditional Italian espresso in four different blends.

Trattoria Milano – will be opening soon on the main floor floor.

La Scuola di Eataly with Ernestomeda – The cooking school, open to all ages, is where you get to play with food. See live demos, shape gnocchi, and learn how to cook Italian dishes as well as how to tell the differences in olive oils.

Last but not least is Indie Ale House where you can enjoy craft brews including a traditional Italian pilsner.

EATALY – 50,000 square feet of Italian deliciousness in Toronto. Part of the Eataly Manifesto is THE SECRET TO QUALITY OF LIFE? QUALITY PRODUCTS!   They promise “to offer a diverse selection of quality food and drink” and let me tell you, from what I saw, they are doing just that.

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Address and Contact Information Eataly Toronto:

Manulife Centre 55 Bloor Street West Toronto, ON M4W 1A5. Telephone: 437-374-0250, Open daily from 9am – 11pm.  

Note: some counters don’t open till 11am.  

Cover Photo Courtesy of Eataly Toronto.

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