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Harveys Build-A-Bowl credit Harveys

Guest Post by Megan Gray

With approximately 270 locations across Canada, Harvey’s has been delighting our taste buds since 1959. Their innovative creations (burgers, fries, onion rings) have made them a staple of quick family dining.

Now, they’ve come up with something new and exciting. We’ve all thought it: we love burgers, but sometimes the meat and bread make us feel way too full – and not in a good way. Health conscious individuals can now look at Harvey’s as even more as a safe choice. Harvey’s gets our desire to have great tasting foods without the guilt – which is why they created Harvey’s Build-A-Bowl.

What’s a Build-A-Bowl?

You start with a Base (rice, salad or fries), you then make your choice of Protein (chicken, burger, veggie burger) in diced sized bits. The meat is cooked to your preference: crispy, grilled or buffalo and with the burger, original or Angus.

Next is Toppings, and it’s your time to get creative. Along with this unique new item on the menu, Harvey’s is also introducing nine new sauces to accompany your bowl with more choice. Being creative is part of the fun so get out of your food comfort zone and experience a new taste.

Harvey's Build-A-Bowl

With Harvey’s new Build-A-Bowl, you’re still getting the amazing tasty flavors the restaurant always offers. Just minus the heaviness of certain meals. It’s a guilt-free dish, and it is certain to bring happiness and satisfaction to you and your tastebuds.

Harveys Build-A-Bowl

Being served in brown recyclable bowls, Harvey’s is still keeping their respect for the environment involved in this new menu item. And like their other fresh foods, you watch it being made right in front of you.

It’s also more hands-on experience with the food, making you feel more comfortable about eating it. Customization is important especially to Millennial’s who gravitate to new food adventures and ethnic flavours. Eating out, when you have control over what you’re consuming, makes the entrée even more attractive.

Harvey’s is bringing their restaurants and menus to a whole new level, and we think you’ll enjoy this health conscious, creative customization add-on to this delicious restaurant.

Build-A-Bowl starts at $7.49 a bowl, which isn’t bad considering how much food you get in one bowl. Not bad for getting a full meal for under $10.

Have you tried Harveys Build-A-Bowl? Let us know what you think?


Megan Gray is a travel writer and food, with a background in advertising and marketing, based in the GTA.  She has a passion for traveling and discovering what the world has to offer. Her Instagram account is full of pictures from her travels:  follow her  Instagram @wayfaringwoman_