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Guest Post by Megan Gray

For all of you, adventure seekers and non-stop travelers, Hydro Flask is a sustainable, versatile and necessary piece to add to your on-the-go luggage. Water kept as cold as ice for over 24 hours is a guarantee when using their line of bottles. We’ve all had the experience of drinking that luke warm sun heated unsatisfying bottled water, and it just doesn’t hit the spot. When you’ve been hiking or climbing that mountain, bike riding, or being active in general, you need that refreshing glug.

Hydro flask multiple image

Hydro Flask not only keeps your water icy fresh, but the range of products they carry makes it easy for you to decide what you’d like to use. Coffee mugs are just as relevant and available as their water canteens.

Customize Your Own Hydro Flask

On Hydro Flask website, you can even design a flask to your exact preferences right down to the kind of handle and color (available for US buyers only). It’s a great deal for those of us that value a strong liquid carrier. Working in an environment that requires me to use proper travel mugs, the Hydro Flask was perfect. It kept my coffee hot on that long commute and kept my water so cold I was still drinking from it the next day, which isn’t the case when using my standard travel mugs and bottles.

Hydro Flask customization

Customizing your Hydro Flask is easy on the website

It’s worth the price tag because this product doesn’t break down. That stainless steel keeps not only the earth healthier but keeps you healthy too. When you’ve got a reliable water companion it’s less likely you’re going to grab a plastic bottle of water, and that leaves you avoiding that nasty BPA from plastic.

Hydro Flask cup

With the customization option on the Hydro Flask website, you can choose what size you want your bottle to be, making sure you are always taking enough with you depending on your personal preference.

Hydro Flask has made my life much easier. Knowing I have a go-to canteen that won’t let me down is a weight off my shoulders while I’m on the road or working hard. It’s attractive, and fun colors make me not embarrassed to leave it on my desk at work, unlike my crunchy plastic water bottle did. Therefore I’m getting more hydration than before. I guess you could say Hydro Flask made getting those necessary daily refreshments all that much easier.

Pricing and Buying Information:

In Canada, Hydro Flask is Available at MEC, SportChek and Altitude Sports
Note: The customization feature of Hydro Flask is currently available to US buyers only.
21 oz Hydro Flask – Starting at $39.95 CAD
22 oz Tumbler – Starting at $35.95 CAD

In the US visit for ordering and pricing.

Visit Hydro Flask website, for more information on this exciting brand, great products and how you can personalize your own Hydro Flask.


Megan Gray is a travel writer with a background in advertising and marketing. She has a passion for traveling and discovering what the world has to offer. Her Instagram account is full of pictures from her travels:  follow her  Instagram @wayfaringwoman_