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The majestic princess gates that adorn the entryway to The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) grounds are an admired work of art and one which I pass by often during my drives to and from Toronto. But this is the time of year I actually cross through them on foot with friends and family in tow, to enter the much-anticipated end of summer fair. Fun fact – these beautiful gates were built to commemorate Canada’s 60th birthday.

CNE Princess Margaret Gates

It all began in 1879, and now it boasts itself as Canada’s largest fair, drawing crowds in every year to experience agriculture, entertainers, exhibits, fashion, food, midway rides, music, shows, casino games and the new technology of the day. Did you catch all that? It’s a lot, I know. Actually, I wouldn’t say it’s even possible to hit half of what the exhibition has to offer in one day, which is why I love how the website has created a tool for visitors to pick and choose their agenda and plan their day and eve. You will have to narrow it down with so many fun options.

1894-industrial-fair-TPL credit CNE

Photo credit CNE

Originally called the Toronto Industrial Exhibition, the name was officially changed to the Canadian National Exhibition in 1912 to better represent what the fair had become: “A Show Window of the Nation”. There really is something for everyone, of any age, at the CNE, making it a memorable experience and continued tradition for so many fellow Canadians.

The Midway Rides

The Swinger Ride credit CNE

The Swinger Ride credit CNE

Bonsai ride credit CNE

Bonsai ride credit CNE

CNE cliffhanger Ride Credit CNE

Cliffhanger Ride Credit CNE

Cne crowds

The Crazy Foods 

No visit would be complete at the CNE until you’ve checked out some of the crazy food to eats.  Here are few photos from our visit but highlighted this year are :

  • Deep fried Ferrero Rocher chocolate
  • Vanilla ice cream cones topped with edible 24-karat gold leaves
  • Cotton candy ice cream burritos
  • Rainbow Kit Kat crepes
  • Mac’ n Cheetos popsicles

CNE Food hall

CNE Food Poutine CNE Food shot

Funnel Cake CNE

CNE Corn Roast

The CNE is running this year from August 17 – September 3, 2018.

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