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Shaken or Stirred, Gin or Vodka, Wet or Dry

The Martini cocktail has been enjoyed for over a hundred years. It was called the Martinez in the Bartenders Manual of the 1880s; supposedly created by a barkeep in Martinez California during the Gold Rush. Distinctly American, over the years it developed an image – strong, sophisticated and sexy.

Martini drinkers are serious, and there is little debate among connoisseurs as to the Gin-Vermouth classic, 2 ½ oz of Gin to ½ oz of Vermouth with olive, straight up, it remains a favorite. Whether you like this version or the switch to Vodka with a twist of lemon, up or on the rocks, this cocktail is here to stay. As a matter of fact, this classic, has spawned a whole new culture – Martini Bars – specializing in flavored martinis. These cocktails are quite strong and mixed with coffee, hot peppers, apples, olive brine, cranberries or chocolate, to name a few.  The Martini has become a ‘style’ of drink.

Here’s a crash course in how to get the most out of your next Martini.