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Looking for an escape from the stressful city life; I came across a beautiful spot – the perfect spot – and just two hours from Toronto; the Living Water Resort and Spa, in picturesque Collingwood. So I packed my weekend bag and hit the open road.

On arrival, I checked into my beautiful one-bedroom suite, then set out to explore the property. This lovely Spa is a new addition to Cranberry Village in Collingwood; one of the few resorts on Georgian Bay, and a huge draw for visitors like me looking for physical activities coupled with the pampering of a good spa. The facility is so new that there is still decor to be finished, but don’t let that deter you because inside lies an oasis of treatments, including my personal favourite the “Aquapath Spa Treatment”.

Living Water Resort one bedroom suite

Luxuriously appointed one-bedroom suites come with a fully-equipped kitchen and laundry facilities. There’s a walkout balcony with views of the harbour and property—the perfect spot to sip morning coffee or a glass of wine in the evening.  

Getting Active

Before I get into the beautiful spa offerings, I recommend you indulge in some available activities. You should start on the right foot by picking up a healthy smoothie from the Lobby Aqua Juice Bar prior to a workout in the well-equipped gym. Next, sign-up for a paddle board experience with Blu Wave Sup Company, they’re located on the property. When you’ve had enough of a workout, you can reward yourself with a pleasurable lunch and Spa Treatment.

Living Water Resort Paddleboard

Eating Well

Lakeside Grill opened its doors in late spring to welcome guests for stellar dining experiences.  It’s a perfect spot to grab a healthy lunch or enjoy a full wine-paired dinner in the evening.  Executive Chef Marc Bery sources the best ingredients locally and creates fantastic dishes from Seafood, Steaks, pasta and a great selection of wines.  You won’t be disappointed by the offerings.  Best of all, the restaurant is located directly across from the spa and offers water views.

Experiencing Nirvana at Living Shore Spa

Living Shore Spa

Hydrotherapy is becoming popular in spas all over the world. My last experience was at the Secrets Spa by Pevonia in Puerto Vallarta, I remember feeling totally refreshed, with that in mind I was keen to try Living Shore Spa’s Aquapath treatment.

The process begins with a Spa staffer explaining how the station-to-station treatments work.   The Spa staffer follows your progress throughout your visit.

Starting with the Swiss Shower, where multiple body jets and a large rain-head shower cleanse your entire body. The next step involved a Detoxifying Mineral Bath, a hot tub with a series of jets that move from lower to mid back. The tub is designed to start the detoxifying process by pulling toxins from the skin, as you move around, the jets hit at different heights. The 4 Stage Waterfall was unavailable due to maintenance, so I had to bypass this experience. But at this station, you sit on 4 separate benches as waterfalls rain over you in different patterns hitting the various pressure points on your head and shoulders (it’ll certainly be on the list for my next visit). The Eucalyptus Steam Sauna takes some time to get acclimatized.  The steam infuses eucalyptus oil into the air. I was not used to steam saunas, but I followed through for the recommended time.  The follow-up is the Glacier Shower waterfall (ice-cold water) which splashes over your body, after the hot sauna, to promote circulation – it’s definitely a shock to your system. Hot saunas followed by a cold water dips are typically enjoyed by Scandinavians and now gaining popularity in North America.

In reaching the River Walk stagethere are 2 separate walks one hot the other cold. As you walk on embedded pebbles, improving feet and leg circulation, jets hit your legs getting progressively higher up as you walk through. Moving on to the Replenishing Mineral Bath, a jumbo rain shower head on one side falls over your body. The bath is designed to replenish the bodies minerals. You have a choice of relaxing, in the hot tub or stand under a refreshing rain shower. The Exfoliation Tub is filled like a roman tub, a mix of sea salt and essential oils (lavender and citrus) are provided so you may exfoliate the body leaving your skin beautifully silky smooth. The final stage of Aquapath involves rinsing off under a Rain Head Shower before you head back to the change rooms. If you have the energy to climb on a table, a 30-minute relaxing massage is recommended to complete your treatment.

Walking out of the spa after my treatment  I felt utterly revitalised and my skin felt silky smooth.   I would’ve loved to chill by the water or just relax on my balcony – but all good things must end.   I reluctantly packed up and headed to my car for the return journey – Toronto awaits.

Quick Facts:

Living Water Resort
9 Harbour Street East
Collingwood, ON
L9Y 5C5
Telephone: 705.446.3282

For a complete list of amenities (Golf, Kids Programs, Dining, and variety of accommodations) at Cranberry Village visit

Pricing: Aquapath, followed by a 30min De-Stress massage and lunch at the Lakeside Restaurant costs $125
For other spa packages visit

Note: I was a guest of Living Water Resort but all opinions expressed in this article are my own.