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Maple Syrup & Cocktails

Photo courtesy 29 FÉVRIER

Guest Post by Diana Aziz

Dish Cooking Studio was host to the lucky ones on the eve of February 28th. The school partnered with 29 Fevrier to showcase delicious food and drink recipes using maple syrup. Very appropriate offerings on the very day that is celebrated as National Pancake Day.

The evening kicked off with a choice of cocktails; a maple infused Prosecco or a classic Manhattan with a maple twist. Both were delicious!

Dish Cooking School

Guests were treated to a maple syrup “flight”; samplings of the four intensities of Grade A maple syrup offered by 29 Fevrier.

Maple Syrup sampling

Like a fine wine, maple syrup becomes more robust with age.

  1. Golden-delicate taste, excellent for salad dressings and drinks.
  2. Amber-rich taste, very versatile, often used for granola and pancakes.
  3. Dark-robust taste, ideal for marinades.
  4. Very Dark- strong taste, like taffy; a dessert on its own

Together with Ferme Vifranc Inc., a family run business making maple syrup for generations, 29 Fevrier has created an innovative packaging for this sinfully good syrup. The 29 FÉVRIER MAPLE-IN-A-TREE is packaged in a Bag-in-Tube®, which extends it’s shelf life and eliminates the need for refrigeration. Perfect for busy families, transporting from home to cottage or chalet and the excellent packaging makes a great gift as well.

Sweet Offerings

Dish’s head chef, Gabriela Neda, prepared scrumptious, bite-sized appetizers such as caramelized pineapple topped with gorgonzola and succulent sweet potato and herbs, both cradled in 29 Fevrier’s maple syrup.

Neda then went on to prepare and serve a mouthwatering, seared salmon encrusted with herbs, marinated in the maple syrup, wowing us with how simple it was to create such a delicious masterpiece.

Maple Salmon

In keeping with National Pancake Day, the evening wouldn’t be complete without offerings of mini pancakes drenched in maple.

Medicinal Maple

29 Fevrier gets its name from the Leap Year; it’s philosophy being that Maple Syrup should be enjoyed 366 days of the year. A daily dose of maple syrup is not only good for the taste buds but good for the brain cells as well. For many years maple syrup has been touted for its health benefits, and recently it has been proven to help with slowing the process of Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have shown that properties of pure maple syrup help protect the brain cells against neurological damage found in those who suffer from Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative illnesses. To encourage additional research, 29 Fevrier is launching a campaign on March 1st, 2017, called “Don’t Forget the Date,” donating 5% of every purchase of it’s

To encourage additional research, 29 Fevrier recently launched a campaign on March 1st, 2017, called “Don’t Forget the Date,” donating 5% of every purchase of it’s newest product, 29 FEVRIER MAPLE-IN-A-TREEto Alzheimer Canada. It is a win/win; enjoy incredible maple syrup and help a very worthy cause at the same time.

It was such an informative and fun evening at Dish Cooking Studio. Armed with many new ways to enjoy maple syrup not only for the palate and recipe repertoire but for health and well-being as well.

29fevrier maple Syrup

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