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When you first enter the Miraj Hammam Spa, immediately you’re transported into another world. The thing is, you’ve never even left the city. It’s truly a destination of luxury inside the Shangri-La Hotel.   Middle Eastern-inspired with Mashrabiyya windows, Persian rugs and a relaxation room any Saudi Princess would highly envy.

There are only two Miraj Hammam spas in Canada, one in Toronto and the other in Vancouver. Famously, it’s one of the two spas in North America to partner with Caudalie, the prestigious skincare brand from France. Using grapes and grape extracts, the Caudalie products are refreshing and exotic and feel fabulous on the skin. Miraj Hamman spa Caudalie products

Here’s an inside look at the Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie Paris Spa:

I arrived at this sanctuary for a much-needed Beauty Elixir treatment facial and a Pedicure. I’m shown to the change rooms and given a tour of the facility. The romantic couples suite features a shower, mini steam room, massage tables, and very romantic whirlpool bathtub.

Before my treatment, I spent 15 minutes in the Hamman.   I’ve never experienced a Hamman before, but I must admit the steam felt exquisite. Dense, eucalyptus-infused vapour cleanses your sinuses, but when it became too hot in the room, I poured water over myself and cooled off. The Hammam puts you in a very relaxed state of mind.


The Hamman Steam Room photo courtesy of Miraj Hamman Spa

For those who have a Gommage (exfoliation) booked, the practice is to lie relaxed on Jerusalem gold marble as an attendant gives you a whole body scrub using eucalyptus-infused black Moroccan soap.

Beauty Elixir Treatment Facial

My spa attendant (name) explains that the treatment is inspired by the Asian techniques, Yin and Yang, combining fresh and warm effects. Starting with about a fifteen-minute draining and compression massage, the relaxation immediately takes over. Next on the itinerary is an hour-long facial, which refreshes your skin. The warm towels soothe the skin and relax every muscle.

Miraj Hammam Spa Facial jpg

At one point, my face and neck are draped like a mummy, ready for burial in the sphinx, but once removed, we advance to the next stage.

Miraj Orientale Pedicure

After the facial, I go to the Pedicure and Manicure room, which is outfitted with numerous stations. My feet enjoy a warm foot soak with Black Morrocan Soap Exfoliates. This smoothed out my dry heels and improved circulation in both of my feet.

Miraj Hammam Spa pedicure

As if this experience wasn’t a treat enough, midway through your spa day, a lovely attendant brings you a delicious piece of baklava with some grapes and a petite glass of warm tea.

Miraj Hammam Spa pedicure

With the experience coming close to an end, my nails and cuticles were expertly massaged and groomed. An argan oil lower leg massage delights me, and then, finally, my choice of polish for the nails was beautifully applied.

In the end, I leave with beautifully polished feet and enter the relaxation lounge to relax for a few minutes before heading back to the changing room.

Miraj Hammam Alhambra Relaxation Lounge

The Shangri La Hotel in Toronto was as luxurious as I imagined, having stayed at the Shangri La Shard in London and the regal Shangri La Paris on previous European visits.  The Miraj Hammam spa, modern and groundbreaking, was a real standout experience. Everyone deserves to be pampered, especially in a place of beauty and kindness.

Miraj Hammam Spa, Shangri La Hotel, Toronto
Address: 188 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 0A3
Phone: (1 647) 253 5770

Pricing:  75-minute Facial treatment $225  & 45-minute Pedicure treatment $90

Special Thanks to Miraj Hammam Spa for hosting my visit.  Please note opinions expressed in this post are my own.