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Mother Earth, with 44 works, brings to life the theme of  “A Magnificent Journey”

Located across the river from Ottawa in Parc Jacques-Cartier is one of Canada’s Floral masterpieces, Moisaculture 2018. Featured are topiary-like exhibits celebrating the beauty and diversity of Canada via 45 majestic plant sculptures. These exhibits are expertly designed with 5.5 million carefully curated plants. This is Canadian storytelling at its best! Depicting to visitors why Canada is so amazing and raising awareness through education and entertainment.

Mosaiculture 2018 CPR

The exhibit starts with the history of Canada through the provinces and then features sculptures that promote taking care of our planet.

Mosaiculture 2018 Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables waiting for the Train

Entering the park, you are greeted by an ever-changing landscape and two iconic sculptures. First, you will see Anne of Green Gables, the iconic character in Lucy Maud Montgomery novel set in Prince Edward Island. The second is a sculpture of the Canadian Pacific Railway, showcasing how Canadians travelled over the last century and how it helped to develop this great nation.

Visitors will have their senses stimulated by the bright, colourful displays and arrangements when they arrive. Every part of Canada’s diverse past is represented – like the early fur traders, French explorers, the first people and the Chinese immigrants who built the railroad. These exhibits give a nod to Canada’s residents and how they have contributed to the diverse and vibrant culture that makes up Canada today!

Mosaiculture 2018 Fur Trader Canada

Fur Trader in Canada

The harmony between the land, people, and wildlife like polar bears, wolves, and buffalo is on full display. It’s understandable why some visitors may become misty-eyed with these sculptures and the strong messages that emanate from many of these powerful exhibits. These plants capture the spirit of Mother Earth and her connection to all living things.

There is so much behind the scenes that visitors don’t necessarily think about. Since it’s been a very hot dry summer, ecology plays a vital role in the park because the plants need constant watering, clipping, and maintenance. Water from the Ottawa River is pumped into the park and used to water the plants.

To see the wonders of what a marriage of sculptors, landscape artists, horticulturalists and welders created in this magical park, here are a few photos showcasing Mosaiculture 2018.

The Bird Tree pays homage to 56 species of bird that are endangered.

Mosaiculture 2018 Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Mosaiculture 2018 The Man who planted trees

The Man Who Planted Trees

Mosaiculture 2018 First People

First People of Canada

Mosaiculture 2018 East Coast Lobster Fishman

East Coast Lobster Fishman

Mosaiculture 2018 Tall ships setting sail for New France (Quebec)

Tall ships setting sail for New France (Quebec)


Mosaiculture 2018 Gatineau Canada


Open from June 22nd and closing on October 15th, 2018.

Jacques Cartier Park 
164 Laurier Street, Gatineau QC J8X 3W9

contact: [email protected] / 1-819 360-6336

Disclosure:  My visit to Mosaiculture 2018 was organized by Tourism Outaouais, but all opinions expressed in this article are my own.