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J.A Moisan Quebec Cities oldest Grocery store is a must-visit for any food enthusiast and history lover.   Located a short walk from the old city walls on Rue Saint-Jean, the store is visually stunning.   Much of the original facade has been maintained.   Ceilings are adorned with hanging baskets and antiques from a bygone era.


Founded in 1871 by Jean-Alfred Moisan, the store claims the title of the oldest operating grocery store in North America. The Moisan family ran the store until the threat of bankruptcy  in 1939 almost closed the premises.   Mr Moisan’s son sold the business to his brother-in-law Jean-Ernest Beaudin, the grocery was saved.  In 1978,  the grocery underwent another change of ownership when  Beaudin sold the property to Boris Maltais.   

DSC_0121There are so many areas within the store to explore. Strolling through the aisles is like walking  through a living museum of history.


DSC_0123Hard-to-find products from other regions of Québec, including cheeses and charcuteries are available at the deli-counter.  


DSC_0120In fact, you can stop for lunch or coffee and enjoy a delectable Quebecois pastry at the lunch counter.  

DSC_0115The widest selection of  original micro-brewed beers from around the province are available for purchase.

DSC_0126Oils and Vinegars available at the store are imported from around the world along with chocolates, coffee and teas.


The Moisan family’s upstairs home has now been transformed into a classic B&B, which many rank as one of the tops in Quebec City. 


  • Address: 699 rue St-Jean,Outside the Old City, Québec City,QC G1R 1P7
  • Website: