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Recently I attended Restaurant Canada’s largest foodservice trade show – RC Show 2018, – a MUST attend for those in the industry. Chefs, restaurant managers and hospitality providers all come together to see the hundreds of innovative products and services, sample and source ingredients as well as catch up on the newest trends and technology. There were over 1,000 exhibits and 8 themed pavilions.

RC Show 2018 Foodstarter

RC Show 2018 was a big eye-opener for this consumer; I got to see what the future of food will look and taste like. I sampled non-alcoholic cocktails from Seedlip and delicious dishes from the many food stations – Frenchs, Brandt, Jamaican products and Kombucha Teas and Food Starter incubator for new products and incredible spelt pasta from Monograno Felicetti in the Bellavita Italian products booth.

Innovation Unleashed

This year’s theme, Innovation Unleashed, was well represented by the many vendors displaying innovative products and ideas. Cutting-edge technology is transforming the culinary industry and an excellent example came from the Toronto Container Company.

This company has capitalized on Toronto’s pop-up movement by designing move-in-ready containers, an easy and affordable option for food service. You can have a kitchen in the back and dining up front. Imagine training future bartenders using Virtual Reality? It’s made possible by the innovative technology from Metavrse.

Future of Dining

Another example of innovative technology came from Kodisoft Company (based in Ukraine), with interactive dining tables. The table is touch screen driven, guests can entertain themselves by doodling and playing games while waiting for their order. Placing orders from the menu along with visuals of how the item is made creates a rich content experience. They can take photos on their smartphones then transfer to display on the tabletop; call up a menu and place an order.

President Dan McCann of Kodisoft explains how it works:

For tea lovers the Teabot is your go-to tea station where you can select tea type or mix your own choices (I choose Earl Grey and Chai), the machine blends the tea leaves and pours out your serving. The cup is fitted with a little filter so you don’t swallow any tea leaves. How cool is that?

RC Show 2018 TeaBOT

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