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Colorado is a state that just begs to be explored on foot. From rolling valleys to high peaked mountain tops, it’s pretty hard to turn down adventure when visiting. One of the best places to explore in Colorado is Breckenridge, a small town at the base of the Rocky Mountains. With tons of amazing Breckenridge cabins for rent, it’s easy to make this little town your base for a whirlwind of outdoor, and in particular hiking, adventures.

Hiking is a great way to get outside and improve your health. It’s also a great way to relax, see new sights and take in some fresh air. The hikes in Breckenridge are outstanding not only for their proximity to the Rocky Mountains but also for their accessibility. Many trails can be easily found and navigated and are enjoyed by hikers and bikers alike. While proximity to the mountains might be intimidating, many of the hikes in the area are actually rated as easy, with relatively low elevation gain and distance. It’s not hard to get out and enjoy these wild places regardless of your skill level.

Here’s a list of top hikes in the Breckenridge part of the Rocky Mountains to help guide your adventures.

Sallie Barber Mine Trail

This short out and back trail is perfect for hikers of any age or skill level. A great one to take family and not far from Breckenridge, this trail takes hikers past amazing views and picture-perfect wildflowers when in season. The best seasons to visit this trail are February through October, and because of the relatively small elevation gain, it’s even suitable for very young children. Besides hiking, the trail is also used by cross-country skiers, horseback riders, and is even dog-friendly.

Sallie Barber Mine Trail credit Chris VT

Sallie Barber Mine Trail Credit Chris VT

Boreas Pass Road

This long trail offers ample opportunities for hikers to explore the wilderness between Breckenridge and Highway 285 and is filled with rich history and stunning natural features. Although 30 kilometers long, visitors can pick and choose which parts of the trail to explore. Certain sections feature relics of the railroad industry, historic buildings, wildflowers and views of the neighboring ski resort. The trail is best used May through October and is a great spot to catch fall foliage.

Indiana Gulch Trail

This out and back trail is conveniently located right near Breckenridge and is a relatively flat hike through dense Colorado forests. A short jaunt with few people, this is a great way to spend a few hours outside without the exertion of a steep hike. Wander through Aspen forests and past running creeks in this part of White River National Forest.

Breckenridge Peak 8 Trail

This 20 kilometer moderately challenging trail is a great way to take in the views of Breckenridge while hiking along its ridgelines. Wildflowers and trekking through Aspen forests await on this gorgeous hiking trail. With slight elevation gain, this trail packs a punch and offers a challenging workout to hikers, and amazing scenery as a reward. Dogs are welcome on this trail, although they must be kept on-leash.

Iowa Hill

An ultra-short loop trail nestled in the White River National Forest, this trail is an awesome way to spend an hour or two outside during your travels. Climb this mini loop through thick forests and lush greenery during May through October for the best experience. The trail is dog-friendly and mostly used by trail runners, hikers, and families. Filled with mining artifacts and old equipment, it’s also a good way to get the flavor of local history.

Gold Hill to Peaks Trail

If you travel a bit farther out of Breckenridge you’ll find a plethora of trails in the Arapaho National Forest, including this one. An easy trail of moderate distance this one takes you through lush forests and past breathtaking mountain views. Used year round for a variety of sports, the trail is also dog-friendly – although they must be kept on-leash. For the full range of Rocky Mountain flora and fauna, be sure to check out this trial.

Dillon Reservoir Loop

Another great trail in the White River National Forest, this 28 kilometer trail is relatively easy to navigate and with only a little elevation gain. A loop that doubles as a mountain biking and city-bike path, this trail takes visitors past amazing mountain vistas and has a ton of activities to do just off the trail. Feel free to bring a dog, but as in most places keep him on-leash. Visit May through November to make the best use of this hiking spot.

Sapphire Point Overlook

This lightly-trafficked trail is a perfect place to experience the great outdoors of Swan Mountain Recreation Area on a quick loop jaunt that takes less than an hour. Spot wildlife on this trail that is shared among hikers, bikers, and regulars taking a daily walk. The views are incredible on this short hike that can be completed by anyone and is rated as easy.

Sapphire point overlook colorado credit

Sapphire Point overlook – credit

Meadow Loop and Ridge

This medium length trail is a short loop that gets you out for a bit without breaking too much of a sweat. Great lake views and easy enough to be completed in two hours or less. Bring a camera for this one and be prepared to share the trail with bikers and other hikers. Not incredibly crowded, this trail is also a favorite of wildlife enthusiasts as it has several great spots for birdwatching.

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