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With all the traveling I do in my career, one of the hardest parts is deciding on what to pack. With space limitations in the apartments and hotels during my adventures and the obvious restrictions on how many bags a solo voyager can carry, it comes down to making some tricky decisions on what to leave behind, especially when it comes to our beauty regimes. While on a recent trip to New York City, I had the pleasure of attending the Indie Beauty Expo in Manhattan. It was here I was able to make some stellar finds on products that should definitely make the cut for your carry-on baggage, so that you can keep your complexion glowing and radiant, away from home.

I share with you some of my top five star picks for unique, natural gems to include on your next journey.

Jade Lilly

Jade Lilly is vegan, sustainable and plant powered with a founder who believes in being eco-friendly. This company has created a customizable collection of minis specifically for the woman on the go who doesn’t want to sacrifice her skin regimen. Packaged in a reusable linen bag, these glass vials contain an all natural, nutrient-rich, plant-powered skin care routine. The sizes are all compatible with airline restrictions, making them very easy for travel. What I love most about the mask and cleansing grains is that they come dry in the vial and simply require you to add water when you’ve reached your destination. How perfectly genius!

Jade Lilly Travel Set

Each set includes:
1 Cleansing Grains in glass tube
1 Neroli Rose Hydrating Mist in glass fine mist sprayer
1 Face Oil (Choose between Replenish, Nourish, and Balance) in glass vial with dropper
1 Face Mask (Choose between Charcoal Detox Clarifying Mask, Turmeric + Kelp Renewing Mask, and Papaya Pineapple Exfoliating Mask) in glass tube
1 Eye Serum in glass bottle with stainless steel roller ball
1 Face Scrub in jar

The Skin Forum

To really stay on top of your beauty game, and for a more involved spa-like service on the go, there’s The Skin Forum. What caught my eye about this brand is the 6 step facial they offer – all in one very compact and convenient box! Each box offered contains three 6-step facials, for a total of 18 products. The facial regime includes a cleansing cloth, exfoliating swab, soothing toner, makeover mask, super serum and repairing cream. So now, ladies, you can bring your aesthetician in your carry on.

The various options include:
Lift and Firm – with peptide, collagen and hyaluronic acid.
Detox Radiance – with niacinamide, green tea extract, and fruit extracts.
Hydration – with hyaluronic acid, collagen, and aloe extract.

The Skin Forum

Senteurs D’Orient

Scrub a dub! Keeping your hands and body feeling fresh and sanitized is the top priority after a day of vigorous travel. Senteurs D’Orient brings its customers the most beautiful, gorgeous smelling travel soaps I’ve seen. These soaps are authentic, natural and sensual, packaged magnificently in leaf form, making them ideal for single use. These are the perfect little light travel companion to toss in your purse or backpack for those long days while out and about, or to use back at the hotel to calm and wind down you before you slumber. Each soap leaf delights the senses with delicate greens, mint and tea notes. Switch it up – leafs are also available in amber.

Senteurs d'orient green tea

Consonant Skincare

The Consonant Skincare line, a personal favourite of mine, has marvelously created smaller packs of ten wipes that are perfect for travellers in need of a quick freshen up and makeup removal. Come Clean Cleansing Cloths are extra large biodegradable bamboo cloths that gently cleanse for all skin types. They contain grape seed oil, aloe, niacinamide/Vitamin B3, and ginseng. To remove tougher make up such as mascara, you can follow with a pump of their award-winning Natural Foaming Face Wash, which comes in a convenient 50 ml travel size option. Your face will thank you for its healthy glow.

Consonant Skincare Natural Foaming Face Wash

Bare Foot Venus

As all travelers know, scurrying around all day can take a toll on your tootsies. So why not opt for some instant, hassle-free feet love with All Cracked Up repairing foot balm by Bare Foot Venus. This magical mixture has cocoa butter, ground cloves, and refreshing peppermint oil. One application and cracked, dry skin is on its way out the door. And for your hands, this line carries its stellar Ruby Red Instant Hand Repair with protective mango and shea butter, olive oil and shielding soybean oil. There are no parabens, propylene glycol, synthetic colours or mineral oil. This is bottled perfection from hand to toe.

Barefoot Venus


What woman can say she doesn’t carry at least one tube of lipstick or balm with her at all times? Lastly, I present to you Boosh, a company that prides itself on clean beauty, using no chemicals whatsoever. Boosh makes organic, handmade lipsticks and balms at their farm, and pours them in shiny eye-catching packaging. They’re basically little accessories in their own right and make quite a statement. As we know, a little bit of rouge can go a long way by perking up your look on the spot. I say have fun with this line and try it in its many shades like Brie, Rosie, and Stella. Feeling a lower key look? You can also opt for the clear lip plumping balm that’s made with coconut oil, beeswax, hyaluronic acid, and peppermint oil. A personal favourite of many to keep your smile more beautiful than ever.

Boosh Snapshot

With these amazing products, you will be ready to take on your travels feeling top notch. With that, I wish you Bon Voyage and Happy Trails.

Have any favourite products you can’t leave home without? Feel free to share with us or drop us a line.