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Hiking trips have been a popular pastime for quite a while. It’s easy to see why, as they can be an affordable way to relax and get in touch with nature.

With the wealth of sites across the country to hike, you’d also have plenty of places to visit. At a certain point, however, you might want to go abroad.

There can be a few differences between hiking in your country and doing so abroad. You’ll need to know how to plan your first hiking trip abroad.

Doing so will mean keeping a few particular things in mind. Cultural and legal differences, alongside multiple other things, will be prevalent.

You’ll need to navigate these while still enjoying yourself. The thought of that could be more than enough to overwhelm someone.

It doesn’t have to. It can be much simpler than you’d think, as long as you keep several things in mind.

How To Plan Your First Hiking Trip Abroad Quickly & Easily

Pick A Location

Picking a location will be the natural first step in planning a hiking trip abroad. You’ll not only need to choose a country but also where exactly you’ll be hiking.

Countries will have more popular hiking trails than others. You’ll need to narrow these down and choose the right one for you.

Multiple things will affect this, including:

  • Budget
  • Weather
  • Local Current Events

Your personal preferences will also play a role in this, but you’ll need to keep each of the above in mind. You wouldn’t want to go hiking in the dead of winter when you likely wouldn’t enjoy yourself, after all.

Have An Itinerary

One of the first steps in knowing how to plan your first hiking trip abroad is to research where you’ll be going. You’ll need to do more than simply pick somewhere.

You’ll need to perform more in-depth research to know what you can do when you’re there. Armed with that knowledge, you can put together an itinerary.

That will be your plan of action for the trip. It lays out where you’ll be each day and what you’ll do. That will be essential for your hiking trip, as you’ll need to get from one place to another.

Figuring out how long it’ll take to hike from one place to another will be a large part of this. It’s worth being relatively liberal with estimating this time, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the terrain.

Know What To Bring & How To Pack

If you’ve been hiking before, you’ll know that you’ll need certain equipment for it. That can include a range of things, such as a flashlight, a 18650 battery charger, and much more.

That could vary somewhat depending on where you’re travelling to. You’ll need to put some research into the area where you’ll be hiking.

If particular pieces of equipment will make it easier, then it could be worth bringing these along. You shouldn’t overpack for this; you’ll need to carry everything around on the trip, after all.

Knowing the essentials for your trip will be vital. You shouldn’t bring much more than this. Keep what you can carry in mind when you’re packing.

If you can carry a few more bits and pieces, then it’s worth making sure they’ll benefit you on the trip. You could also pick up some proper luggage bags.

Duffels or options that roll can be more than recommended. Both of these should be quite durable. Rolling luggage will also be much easier to bring around, as you wouldn’t need to actually carry them.

They’ll naturally need a bit of an adjustment when you’re on rough terrain, however.

Look After Your Money

Any time you go abroad, regardless of whether it’s for hiking, you’ll need to manage your money. That can be difficult when you factor in different currencies and exchange rates.

Planning ahead for this could be vital. It’s worth avoiding traveller’s checks, as the fees associated with them might be too high. You should also avoid carrying too much cash.

You’ll have access to quite a few payment platforms, especially if you have a smartphone and an internet connection. You can also check your bank account with this.

Keeping an eye on this is essential. Make sure to have a budget going into your trip. You should stick to this as closely as possible.

While this could be tricky, you’ll get the hang of it after a few days.

Unexpected events can come up, however. You should add about 15% to your budget to make sure these are covered.

Keep Safety In Mind

When you’re hiking, there are multiple risks involved. These can be heightened when you’re abroad. You’ll need to be more responsible for your safety.

Keeping hiking best practices and making sure that you have a health and safety kit, among other safety equipment, is vital. Then it comes to staying safe in another country.

Avoiding poorly lit areas, not drinking too much alcohol, and not going out alone can all be recommended. You could also avoid any areas or situations where you feel unsafe.

If you’re going to be out and about a lot – which you likely will be – you’ll need to secure all of your documentation. You wouldn’t want to be abroad with a lost or stolen passport.

It may be worth leaving these where you’re staying, preferably locked in a safe. That’s especially true when you’re simply seeing the sights.

How To Plan Your First Hiking Trip Abroad: Wrapping Up

Figuring out how to plan your first hiking trip abroad can be tricky. You’ll need to keep multiple factors in mind, many of which could depend on where you’re going.

It doesn’t need to be complicated, however. You can take advantage of multiple tips and tricks to make it much easier.

Planning things out will make sure that they’re taken care of. It’ll also ensure that you’re able to relax on your hiking trip, alongside enjoying yourself.

Your trip should be enjoyable, after all. Make sure to keep that in mind when you’re planning your first hiking trip abroad.

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